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Pinara Design is on Folt Bolt now!!!!!Pinara-Design/cy7d/555515e70cf298b2d3bb267b


Warm and sincere interview with Pinara Design by Ma'at Silk. Our story from top to bottom, surveyed with the contribution of beautiful insight view of Dear Maisie.


Till today I had sold to 8 different countries and 22 US states :)

Thank you for your support!



I'm so Fancy 

Pinara Design is on Etsy Finds !!!
I am honored to announce that My Crochet Lace Daisy Ring on Etsy Finds !!! yeayyyy


An amazing blog feature of Pinara Design by Tramp Lee Designs!!!

Thank you sooo much for this amazing and sincere article Dear Tammie 


Pinara Design was featured at January 2014 issue of “WOMEN IN ART 278” magazine at Florida, U.S.A. which is a monthly magazine dedicated to showcasing art by women from across the globe. It’s an honour to being "VERY FIRST TURKISH WOMAN ARTIST" at this magazine that broadcasting at the international level in art. “WOMEN IN ART 278” magazine internet issue has already published on January 1st where Pinara Design took place in two full pages with beautiful article about me and my product photos.

In this new year, as always, Pinara Design will be for you with new and fascinating designs.

Stay tuned!

Dünya çapında sadece kadın sanatçıları sayfalarında konuk eden Florida, A.B.D. merkezli aylık “WOMEN IN ART 278” dergisi bir sürpriz yaparak Pinara Design’ı 2014’ün ilk sayısı için davet etti! Böyle uluslararası düzeyde yayın yapan bir sanat dergisinde “İLK TÜRK KADIN SANATÇI” olarak yer almak büyük keyif! Pinara Design’ın iki tam sayfa ile yer aldığı WOMEN IN ART 278 dergisinin internet sayısı 1 Ocak’ta yayınlandı. Bu güzel olayın da itici gücüyle yeni yılda Pinara Design yeni ve etkileyici tasarımlarla sizlerle birlikte olmaya devam edecek.

Bizimle kalın!


Pinara Design was featured at April 15th, 2013 blog post of “moods & appetites” blog at New York , U.S.A. which is a daily blog about the narratives that unify art, photography, and craftsmanship. Each post of this blog is an eclectic exhibition of paintings, installations, furniture, jewelry, ceramics, and other curiosities.


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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Article written by Leanna of Seams Victorian, Bits and Purses, and Teez Loueez.

Featured shop of the week: Pinara Design

I am pleased to introduce you to Pinar, owner of the Etsy shop Pinara Design. 

Born and raised 40 years ago in the beautiful and historic city of Istanbul, Turkey, Pinar was blessed with a wonderfully artistic parents and a younger sister whom she adores! Of them she says, " My parents… when we get together, we always talk about history and art. They expand my brain; give me new clues for research. Art is always in my life. I grew with art and at the end I became an artist. My parents always create wonderful things… not only drawings or sculpture… When I was child my mother always made for us puppets, interesting toys and fancy cloths. Taught me how to sew, thanks to my mummy. When I was 13 years old they made a fiber glass sailing boat and they taught me how to sail… Then they bought a big lemon garden which has an old stone village house in it. They restored the whole garden and house. They made wooden and stone works by themselves. And they are still creating… and give me inspiration always. 

My dear sister is a fan of my works and is my best friend."
Pinar's father is a graphic designer and her mother is a ceramics artist and a sculptor. Both graduated from....