About Pinara Design

"Colors and history feed me for create unique designs. I feel so lucky for living nearby history and art."

Searching trip at Myra, Antalya.
Myra is an ancient Lycia city. Worth seeing the large theatre which used to sit 13000 and the necropolis Lycia rock tomb.

15 years ago I began to make my own jewelry. For years I have researched about Anatolian history, Turkish lace, vintage crochets, semiprecious stones, authentic fabrics... People around me began to encourage me to share my designs with the world. After my husband and I left our jobs and lives in fast paced Istanbul we decided moved to the seaside city of Antalya in Mediterranean region of Turkey and opened our Etsy shop. This is when my colorful journey begins. 

We love Antalya because it's a beautiful city nearby Mediterranean Sea where history and nature come together seamlessly. There are amazing historical sites around Antalya. Many ancient civilizations have been here including Lycia, Hittite, Pamphylia, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman ... We explore these ancient sites and draw upon their inspiratıon. Also we search for different Turkish traditional fabrics which are slowly being forgotten. I think we have much to learn from ancient history and art that is around us.

Our intention is revive some forgotten designs of the past by using eco-friendly materials on jewelry. Diversity of Anatolian history and artistic creations are giving me the opportunity for using different techniques and materials. There is a historical tale behind each and every design such as techniques like crochet, screen print, wire wrap, transfer print.

I love creative process and researching; matching colors and combine them with different motifs. I feel that I am still growing and learning more with each of my designs. Each of my designs are one of a kind or produce in small batches to preserve the fun of wearing something unique and are made with lots of love and lots of care.

Little about process
* Visiting ancient cities, historical places and museums
* My husband takes photos of ancient motifs, sculptures and frescos. 
* I stylize them and prepare them for jewelry design.
* My husband takes photos of Pinara products.
* I prepare and print special certificates for attach every single Pinara Design products that includes information about these ancient work of arts 

Voila, your Pinara item is ready to pack and go :)

What's the meaning of Pinara?
 Often people ask me that there is any relationship between my name Pınar and Pinara. In fact, these two words look like similar but they are totally different words. Pınar means 'fountain' in Turkish language. 
Pinara means 'round' in the ancıent Lycia language and it's the name of a beautiful Lycia site in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. It was settled around 5th century BC in the Xanthus valley and one of the important cities of the Lycia Federation. Its name references apparently to the rounded shape of the precipitous hill on which the city originally stood.

Thank you so much for reading my story. I hope my work brings a smile to your face.

Pinar + Ertan + Bucuk + Lokum