Friday, July 19, 2013

'Summer Blessing' by PinaraDesign

minimal chic polymer clay flowernecklace/nO.215 Jasmines between black onyx/ Made to order - eried Everlastings, Bouquet, Farm House, Rustic, Harvest - SamieSam PLAIN BEAUTY decay Mahonia aquifolia photography - emmarts Autumn necklace  - Crocheted bead necklace - Autumn jewelry - SuddenlyYou
Geometric Clear Quartz and Titanium Dagger Quartz Necklace - "Serendipity 2 Necklace" - NighBluey House Nursery Rhyme Art Print - "Little King Boggen" - pictureatale Bowl and pot - crochet wool (set of 2) - petitacosa Light brown pocket bear with camomiles 38 - unpetitours
Warm Heart Vial Necklace - Citrine Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace - Heart Shaped Bottle Necklace - Lightborn FREE SHIPPING - Eco-friendly reusable shopping bag, string bag, fishnet bag - EcoNet Mother Dear Charm Bracelet - vintage charms on glass bead chain - janedean Womens Yellow Printed Leather Peep Toe High Heel Sandal with Ankle Strap // US sizes 5-10 - OliveThomasShoes
Henry's Head 8x12 : cat photo animal pet photography tabby cat lover tan black tiger home decor fine art print - SeaLilyStudio Womens Top Neckerchief Bandana - Brazilian design - Floral cotton - Green red orange - Last one piece - GalaBorn 1960s Lunch Box / Vintage Flower Tote - 86home African Print Pillow Cover - Green, black, gold - PALEOLOCHIC

Treasury tool by StylishHome.

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