Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hittites Twin Idol Goddess Earrings Collection

I am inspired by Hittites Twin Idol Goddess from Alacahoyuk for design these semi-circle crocheted earrings.

Twin Idol Goddess
Early Bronze Age, 2nd half of 3000 BC.
A double-figure idol found during excavations in Alacahoyuk, a prehistoric settlement of the Early Bronze Age, provides a sterling example of the legendary “mother goddess.”

The Hittites were an ancient people who spoke an Indo-European language and established a kingdom centered in Hattusa in northern Anatolia from the 18th century BC. In the 14th century BC, the Hittite Kingdom was at its height, encompassing central Anatolia, south-western Syria as far as Ugarit, and upper Mesopotamia.

Alacahoyuk is located 36km to the north-east of the Hattusa (Bogazkoy) in north central Turkey in the Corum province. Alacahoyuk was an important city in pre-Hittite times, but after the Hittite conquest it remained in the shadow of the nearby capital Hattusa. The most important findings of the location are the artifacts from the pre-Hittite royal tombs dating from about 2500 B.C. But most of the standing monuments are from the Hittite times. Some of the most important findings of Alacahoyuk were the cult objects found in the royal tombs of pre-Hittite (Hatti) times from 3rd millennium BC. They are in the shape of sun discs or animals that represented gods. They are often found as grave gifts and must have been carried in funeral processions as religious standards.